Who We Are

Hong Shin Construction was established in the early 1990s to develop the domestic construction industry and selectively promote modern enterprise management.

With a registered capital of 807 million, the corporation has employs 408 engineering technicians and management workers, including 4 PhD, 137 graduate, 12 professorate senior engineer, intermediate technicians and management employers, and 163 national project manager certificate holders (16 project managers with A-level qualifications and 19 project managers with B-level qualifications). Besides professional branch companies like General Engineering Contraction Division, Steel Structure Branch, Foundation Works Branch, Structure Engineering Branch, Environmental Protection Project Branch, Pre-stress Engineering Branch, Antisepsis Engineering Branch, Waterproof Engineering Branch, Kiln Engineering Branch, etc., the corporation has regional branch companies or offices in Korea Sir Lanka, Singapore, among others. It has nine fully- owned subsidiaries including the Huge Traders New Tech Corporation and four other controlled subsidiaries.


A subsidiary of Hong Shin Construction Group Corporation has:

Our Values

Adhering to its principle of “Surviving with Quality, Developing with Credit”, as well as its service goals of “Advanced Technology, Excellent Quality, Good Service, Honorable Credit”, Hong Shin Construction is making every effort to bring Top-Quality products to customers through advanced Technology and Scientific Management.

Customer Service

Our Customer Service Officers are available for your guidance and queries, we have well skilled and professional officers which is providing better information.


In 1994, with the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation, the corporation got management right for overseas projects and to carry out International Service Cooperation.

Global Reach

Our Project and Services are running all over the world for your assistance and help. We have best Engineers, Technicians, Supervisors and Labour.


We are available all time for your guidacne and for information about, we are available all over the world with skilledfull Staff and Managers.